GelateriaSvizzera is a skilled company that produces artisan ice cream, located in Riazzino, Ticino. The particularity of the GelateriaSvizzera is that ice creams production is based on the ancient traditional recipes used by Italian ice cream maker, keeping Swiss quality. We take care of the quality of our product using natural ingredients, without any artificial additives. We carry out an artisan production process that don’t change the flavor and genuineness of the original ingredients. We improve them.

We want to satisfy customers looking for healthy, reliable and quality products.

The goal is to make a product 100% natural, healthy and genuine, but keeping it tasty and mouthwatering, to satisfy the consumers’ needs.

In addition to the excellence of the product, GelateriaSvizzera mission is to ensure a high quality service, and promptness delivering the products.

GelateriaSvizzera provides ice cream shop that doesn’t produce by himself, restaurant, bar, confectionery, and in the future public institute as hospital, school canteens, homes for elderly, throughout Switzerland.