Our products

GelateriaSvizzera offers a big choice of products in trays of 0,5 L, 4,5 L, 2,25 L and 100gr, with different kind of ice creams and sorbets. Everything is produced using only fresh and high quality ingredients as milk, cream, lots of fruit (fresh or frozen).

All of our products are also free of artificial food additives, such as dyes or preservatives.

Our ice creams and sorbets flavors range includes, classic tastes and new particular tastes, different from the market’s production.

Everyone can enjoy our products, adults and kids, complete safety, appreciating the original flavor of the ice cream, and 100% natural.

Ice cream factory

Our laboratory is equipped with modern machinery with high production capacity not forgetting the traditional processes of ice cream. A young and dynamic team, composed of enthusiastic and motivated people improve everyday our “sweet ice”.

In our lab we produce many flavors of ice cream. You can choose from more than forty, from the most traditional to the most extravagant retain. Again, the whole production is handmade using natural and genuine ingredients.